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Project Case Study

Assessing Nigeria and Zambia’s readiness for tax automation

Improving governments' capacity to collect revenue

The governments of Nigeria and Zambia had previously automated their tax administrations, but were not satisfied with the results in terms of meaningful integration of tax administration processes, take up of systems by staff and ultimately the effect of automation on administration and compliance costs.

Nor were they satisfied with the accuracy and transparency of interactions with taxpayers. We worked with both governments on similar assignments to help them identify what additional steps they needed to take to achieve the full benefits of integrated automation.

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Tax computerisation


  • Nigeria Government
  • Zambia Government

We conducted detailed assessments of the Zambian Revenue Authority and the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Services’ readiness for integrated automation, with a view to understanding the current level of automation in place and systems being used, the organisation of their tax administrations, their tax administration business processes and their future system requirements.

Having diagnosed their problems, we outlined the different approaches to automation that would help to modernise their tax administration more fully. We advocated a range of off-the-shelf products, and then helped design a plan to ensure an efficient and transparent procurement process that would offer good value for money.

Once the procurement processes were underway, we assisted with the development of detailed implementation strategies, including training requirements and change management.

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