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Access to leading mining, oil and gas governance resources with the Extractives Sector

Providing current and dependable extractives information

Finding relevant, up to date and trustworthy information on the extractives sector can be difficult and time-consuming.

Decision-makers and governments do not always have ready access to the authoritative, consistent information they need to manage extractives sector resources for the benefit of citizens.

Project info

Extractives Hub


  • 2015-March 2019

Introducing The Extractives Hub

ASI implements the Extractives Hub, a free, online information resource platform for government officials in resource-rich developing countries. The Hub provides access to more than 7,000 documents relating to extractives sector management.

It simplifies the search process by aggregating the latest research, analysis, reports and data on one platform for government officials in resource-rich developing countries.

It contains information on more than 80 countries, including government policy documents, legislation, country rankings, analysis and publically available contracts. A helpdesk responds to requests from government officials for short-term technical assistance and custom research at no cost to the requesting government.

Providing a one-stop-shop for government officials who are trying to address specific challenges in the extractives sector, the Hub collates documents and information, which may be otherwise difficult to find via an Internet search.

The platform is suitable for low bandwidth environments, and is deliberately free of large pictures and files that would slow the site down.

The platform provides government stakeholders with the opportunity to request custom-made briefings and technical assistance to support their work. Projects undertaken range from simple information requests to more complex policy reviews.

Finally, the Extractives Hub has close links to the field through Hub Champions, in-country representatives. Hub Champions spend 2 to 3 days per month engaging with users, facilitating technical assistance requests and offering other in-country support. This allows for networks, contextual understanding and personal face-to-face interactions, which can otherwise not be achieved.

Assistance through the Extractives Hub

  • The Extractives Hub directly supports 14 governments in their natural resource management and governance through technical assistance by experts in their field
  • It has a bank of more than 7,000 resources for governments to access
  • The Extractives Hub has been accessed by 30,000 unique users in 182 countries
  • More than 100 technical assistance requests have been registered from governments

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