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Protecting the Environment in Partnership with Climate Care

Adam Smith International is proud to announce its investment in projects to protect the environment through its new partnership with Climate Care. 

Through this partnership with Climate Care, we have offset more than 142 tonnes of CO2 in the past year. Our choice to offset is part of our wider environmental strategy which reflects the company’s evolution and priorities over the coming years as a B Corp with a triple bottom line commitment.

We have many initiatives to reduce our carbon use, including a concerted effort to reduce our international travel.  As we aim to become net zero emissions by 2025, we are committed to compensating for our remaining carbon emissions in a way that improve lives for the most vulnerable communities.  We are therefore offsetting some of those unavoidable flights through our partnership with Climate Care, the highest scoring B Corp in the UK (just ahead of ASI!).

This partnership is also squarely in line with our commitment to add more B Corps to our supply chain and support the global movement of ‘business as a force for good’.

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