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ASI employee awarded Best Young Consultant honour by British Expertise International

London, 12 April 2018 – ASI is proud to announce that our colleague, Alix Landais, has been awarded the Best Young Consultant honour by British Expertise International.

Alix is senior project manager on our ÉLAN project in Democratic Republic of Congo overseeing 90 staff and is responsible for this successful project to stimulate small business.

ÉLAN is a £50million project funded by DFID/UKAid to help poor people to access markets in DRC. ÉLAN has built some 190 partnerships with private companies and organisations in agriculture, access to finance (branchless banking and small&medium businesses), river transport, renewable energy and the business enabling environment. The market insights and improved business models generated by the project aim to improve the livelihoods of 1 million Congolese by 2020. The project has been particularly successful in improving the lives of women entrepreneurs.

“We are very proud that Alix has been honoured for the dedicated and impressive work she has done to give small entrepreneurs the chance to succeed and the economy of of DRC to grow,” said interim CEO Jonathan Pell. “This award is recognition of her great professionalism and a powerful use of British aid funds.”

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