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Adam Smith International to the editor of the Daily Mail

The following is a letter to the Editor of the Daily Mail from Adam Smith International identifying inaccuracies in their report of Saturday 24 February. A complaint has also been registered with the Daily Mail.

Sir, Your article, ‘Disgraced foreign aid firm which made huge profits after receiving money from the Government is free to apply for MORE taxpayer-funded work’ uses factual errors to attack a respected British company that is recognized for its strong track record in delivering aid.

You have taken a position against aid. That does not excuse your repetition of untrue statements. Regarding the ‘falsified testimonials’ cited in the article, the International Development Committee of the House of Commons found that it was not misled and did not find that ASI falsified testimonials. The Committee’s report is available online.

Adam Smith International has never been found guilty of ‘excessive profiteering’ or overcharging for work. And it is distorted journalism to repeat allegations by BBC Panorama that your article acknowledges have been strenuously denied, that have been found false or misleading by the UK and five other governments, and that are the subject of legal action.

Adam Smith International delivers assistance to help some of the poorest people in some of the most violent and fragile countries in the world. DfID and others recognize the need for this expertise and that ASI delivers with effectiveness and integrity.

Brigid Janssen

Communications Adviser, Adam Smith International

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