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Adam Smith International announces new partnership with Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards: A commitment to environmental sustainability and climate resilient development

Uniting Global Expertise and Community Action in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution and for Climate Action

United Arab Emirates – Adam Smith International (ASI), a global leader in international development, proudly announces its sponsorship of the innovative environmental initiatives, Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, led by renowned adventurer and environmental changemaker, Toby Gregory.

This significant partnership aligns with Adam Smith International’s commitment to sustainable development and aligns with our extensive work in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The sponsorship of Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, all ambitious projects highlighting the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, marks a pivotal step in the company’s efforts to support innovative solutions to global environmental challenges.

CEO of Adam Smith International, Jalpa Patel stated: “Our involvement in Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, is more than a sponsorship; it’s a reflection of our dedication to creating a sustainable future. Toby Gregory’s vision aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering inclusive growth and reducing environmental impact across the globe. We are proud to support this initiative that not only raises awareness but also drives real change in the fight for climate action.”

Toby Gregory, Founder of The Plastic Pledge, Row to COP, and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, commented: “Having Adam Smith International on board is a milestone for these impactful initiatives. ASI’s extensive work in climate change programmes and sustainable development across various regions brings invaluable expertise and global perspective to our projects. Their commitment to creating resilient and sustainable communities complements our mission to raise awareness and drive action towards a cleaner, healthier planet.”

ASI’s climate change programmes, marked by complexity and innovation, involve collaboration with regional bodies and national governments to develop inclusive, climate-resilient economic policies. In projects spanning over three decades, ASI has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable infrastructure, energy access, and land use, ensuring that nature-based solutions are central to future programming.

This approach resonates with the ethos of Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, which aim to engage a broad spectrum of society in understanding and combating the environmental challenges we face today. The partnership with these projects further reflect a shared vision between ASI and Toby Gregory: to foster dialogue, inspire action, and implement practical solutions for environmental sustainability.

ASI’s role in the initiative will extend beyond financial support, encompassing strategic guidance and participation in events connected with these initiatives aimed at generating innovative solutions to global environmental challenges. It aligns to Adam Smith International’s core mission of building a better, more sustainable world.

For more information, please contact: 

Kete Shabani, Head of Global Communications, Adam Smith International


About Adam Smith International: Adam Smith International (ASI) is a global advisory company that works locally to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective. We work on behalf of governments, foundations and companies that share our ambition to take on the big challenges facing the world. ASI is a B Corp/B Certified, a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

Our work includes delivering innovative programmes that address climate change while fostering economic and social transformation. Recognising the importance of nature-based solutions, we integrate these approaches across our diverse sectors, including infrastructure and agriculture, to effectively tackle environmental challenges and making countries affected by them climate resilient. ASI is committed to creating sustainable impact and sharing insights on nature’s role in addressing global issues. For more information, please visit www.adamsmithinternational.com

About Toby Gregory and Row to COP28: Toby Gregory, a crisis communications consultant and an environmental change-maker, who founded Row to COP, The Plastic Pledge and The Youth Environmental Photography Awards, to combat plastic pollution and advocate for ocean conservation. Toby’s work extends to educating and influencing diverse audiences, ranging from business leaders to students, about the importance of environmental stewardship.

About the Plastic Pledge: The Plastic Pledge is a global initiative dedicated to combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices. At its core, The Plastic Pledge encourages individuals, businesses, schools, and communities to commit to reducing their reliance on single-use plastics. Through a collective effort, the initiative aims to inspire positive change, raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic waste, and foster a sense of responsibility toward the planet. Participants in The Plastic Pledge commit to adopt eco-friendly alternatives, minimise plastic consumption, and actively contribute to creating a world free from the harmful effects of single-use plastics. (for more see box)

About the Youth Environmental Photography Awards: The Youth Environmental Photography Awards aim to celebrate the power of photography in promoting environmental awareness. It’s an opportunity for individuals to visually communicate the beauty of our world, the challenges it faces, and the urgent need for action, with a special emphasis on the oceans and plastic pollution.



Plastic Pollution: A Critical Environmental Challenge

  • Oceans at Risk: Oceans, vital for oxygen production and climate regulation, face a severe threat from plastic pollution. Annually, 11 million tons of plastic enter the seas – equivalent to a garbage truck’s worth every minute.
  • Microplastics Threat: The oceans contain around 51 trillion microplastic particles, outnumbering the stars in our galaxy, which poses grave risks to marine ecosystems and human health.
  • Widespread Plastic Litter: Up to 90% of debris on coastlines, sea surfaces, and sea floors is plastic, significantly impacting marine life and the environment.
  • Single-Use Plastic Impact: Half of all plastics are designed for one-time use, contributing to the massive amounts of waste that often end up in oceans.
  • Longevity of Plastic Waste: With 5 trillion plastic bags used annually, each taking over 500 years to degrade, the long-term environmental consequences are profound.

The Importance of ASI’s Sponsorship of Row to COP28:

Adam Smith International’s support for Row to COP28 highlights its commitment to combating these environmental challenges. This partnership aligns with ASI’s mission of sustainable development and signifies a proactive step towards addressing the critical issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Through this collaboration, ASI not only aims to raise awareness but also supports practical solutions for a healthier planet.

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