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Adam Smith International and International SOS, a world leader in health and medical services, announce strategic partnership.

On this World Health Day, we are delighted to announce that Adam Smith International has agreed a strategic partnership with International SOS, a world leader in health development and global medical services.

This exciting development represents a significant step forward for our company as we look to continue our growth and expand our impact in the medical and health areas. International SOS is unmatched in its capability, expertise, and experience in delivering complex and comprehensive health solutions to government, NGO, and private sector clients operating in challenging health environments. Adam Smith International has over thirty years of expertise and impact in the development sector. Together, our two companies will work together to offer advisory and delivery capability to support health development and humanitarian health and medical projects worldwide. We look forward to broadening our client portfolio, strengthening our service offer, and expanding our global impact.

Adam Smith International’s CEO, Jalpa Patel, has warmly welcomed the strategic partnership: “The partnership with International SOS represents a significant opportunity for our company. We are excited to work with such a pioneering global leader in the medical and health field.”

Tim Mitchell, a Principal of International SOS announced: “We are proud to partner with a company that shares our commitment to providing lasting impact in complex environments. This collaboration will allow us to leverage each other’s expertise and resources to achieve greater impact.”

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