Postion:  Somalia Operations Manager

Location: Mogadishu Somalia



Primary responsibilities:

To direct and manage the provision of operational support to all Adam Smith International projects in Somalia. This includes the provision of facilities, logistics, business registration, accommodation, procurement, asset management, fleet management and welfare services, consistent with global corporate policy and practice. This to include, office, administrative, accommodation, vehicle and logistical duties in support of ASI project teams in Mogadishu and elsewhere in Somalia. The role is multifaceted and requires a flexible and proactive approach to ensure that activities are effectively delivered in a timely fashion. The Co-ordinator will be based in the ASI office in a compound on the secured Mogadishu International Airport (MIA) site.

Critical Responsibilities:

  • On-site assistance to event management as planned and directed by Project Managers and associates.
  • Ensuring the effective delivery of Procurement & Supplier relationship management.
  • Management of all ASI facilities and ICT.
  • Logistics & fleet management into and across the region.
  • Equipment & asset management.
  • Effective liaison with Government entities such as NISA, SNPF, SNA, ATMIS and other relevant stakeholders.

Critical attributes:

  1. Ability to share information openly within the project team whether it be technical information or insights into the project’s political and security context.
  2. At the same time respect the confidentiality of all discussions within the team unless it is explicitly agreed by the Team Leader or Project Manager that the content of those discussions can be shared with external parties.
  3. To contribute to the reporting of the project’s progress by ensuring that all their own activities and the activities of the centre’s staff under their supervision are recorded accurately and on time using clear indicators/metrics agreed in advance with the Team Leader and Project Manager.
  4. Understand the need to avoid any action that might put those reputations at risk or undermine the project’s relationships with its counterparts or donors.
  5. To contribute to the identification, monitoring and mitigation of all forms of risks to the project’s success, including technical, political or financial risks.
  6. To coordinate with Associates to ensure the effective delivery of Project tasks.
  7. To ensure value for money is maximised in all forms of project expenditure, in terms of both costs directly incurred by the adviser and by wider project activities.
  8. To ensure they have a full and accurate understanding of ASI’s security policies, to adhere to those policies themselves, and to inform the project manager of any non-observance of those policies by other members of the team.



Internal (with ASI staff and Associates)

  • Line Manager (HoA Doc/Ops Manager)
  • ASI Project Managers
  • Programme teams
  • ASI Africa Finance Team
  • ASI Africa Administration and Operations team



  1. Carry out general office management duties, including procurement, inventory, office standards and maintenance of office supplies, equipment, welfare goods and general environment.
  2. Manage accommodation bookings and co-ordination for ASI project staff and advisers. This includes the updating of the accommodation plot to ensure clear knowledge of room capacity, in addition to liaising with the accommodation provider over financial arrangements, maintenance and the organization and booking of all facilities subject to requirements.
  3. Co-ordinate and manage ASI assets, to include but not limited to office and project allocated equipment, vehicles and all technical assets. This is to be carried out with liaison to the Finance Officer; meeting all reporting needs each cycle.
  4. Manage fleet of ASI vehicles, liaising with local providers on MIA to ensure maintenance and fueling agreements are appropriate, cost-effective and adhered to. In include tracking and reporting of use, repairs, efficiency and issues.
  5. Manage visa and permit applications for ASI personnel and visitors in a timely manner, liaising with Immigration departments, facilitators and tracking applications and issues. Communicate with Staff and travel coordinators accordingly.
  6. Prepare and maintain all log sheets, reports and tracking systems relating to these ToRs.
  7. Coordinate travel arrangements for ASI staff and advisers. Ensure accurate Letters of Invite are created, and forwarded to ASI staff and Advisers prior to travel into Somalia. Maintain links and coordinate flight, hotel and taxi bookings with Nairobi and London offices for international, regional and internal travel, and ensure the effective transportation of incoming staff at all terminals within Mogadishu and elsewhere. Ensure Entry letters to any locations are facilitated.
  8. Ensure logistical support for all staff within MIA, meet and greet services, daily travel assistance and preparation of relevant PPE and communication equipment; provide briefings for staff and visitors.
  9. Liaise with UNSOS, ATMIS and the federal Government of Somalia on clearance, permits and licencing pertaining to Company activities in Somalia. Assist with wider logistical support on projects where needed.
  10. Ensure adherence to financial procedures.
  11. Support issues of staff medical insurance in the country of operations.
  12. Management of timesheets, reporting on leave and absence to P&T and HoA DoC/Ops Manager
  13. Undertake other general administrative functions as directed by the Line Manager.
  14. Provide support to ASI operations in Somaliland as directed by the HOA DOC and Senior Operations Manager



  • Excellent written and oral English skills and fluent in the Somali language.
  • A clear understanding of the political and security environment within Somalia.
  • 5 years + relevant professional experience.
  • Experience in fragile states.
  • Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa/horn of Africa.
  • Self-supporting with Accommodation within Banadir Regional Administation.

Ideally, Higher level education completed with relevant qualifications in Logistical, Administration, and management areas.



Ready to Apply?

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to no later than 15th July 2022. Please reference “Somalia Operations Manager” in the subject line.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.