Short-Term Assignment

Support to the Establishment of a Ministry for Sports and Sports Facilities (Consultant)

Samoa Governance Support Programme 

Location: Remote work

Est. Date: Dec 2020

ARF Rate: Email Programme Manager for more info

Seeking: A consultant with knowledge and experience of policy and practice surrounding the analysis and development of government sports management ministries and other organisations


Programme Background

Adam Smith International (ASI) manages the Samoa Governance Support Programme (SGSP), which is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Established in 2016, SGSP works with the Government of Samoa (GoS) to achieve two objectives: to develop and strengthen policies and institutions that enable sustainable and inclusive economic growth, especially private sector-led growth; and to improve economic governance by addressing issues that affect underlying public sector capability and performance. 

Aim of the Assignment

The aim of the Project is to help the GoS to design a Ministry for Sports and Sports Facilities (MSSF) and to produce the legislative and organisational basis for it – with a view to contributing to the development of sport in Samoa and to the broader development goals of the country.

The principal objectives of the Project are to:

  1. Establish clearly the intentions of government regarding the management and development of sports and sports infrastructure in Samoa and whether existing policy and legislation are able to accommodate them.
  2. In the light of the above, review existing government policy and legislation and, in doing so, take into account comparative evidence regarding the management of sports and sports infrastructure in other small-island states.
  3. Analyse and make clear the economic and social cost/benefits of current policy and alternatives to it. Such analysis should take account of the governance and cultural context of the country and the considerable public interest in these matters.
  4. Based on the above, recommend changes to government policy and legislation.
  5. Set out the implications of the proposed policy and legislative changes for the design and establishment of a specialised government agency or ministry for sports and sports facilities in Samoa, including but not limited to:
  • The mandate or strategic objectives of the MSSF;
  • Organisational structure that provides for functions such as those set out in paragraph 10 of the TOR and vertical and horizontal systems of coordination and control;
  • Staffing – this should not add to the overall size of the public service or exceed the numbers of staff engaged in these matters at present, and should examine the possibilities for the transfer of existing staff;
  • The scheduling of change and change management;
  • Staff training and development;
  • Office space and possible locations;
  • Facilities and equipment; and
  • A budget estimate for the above.

Length of assignment and forms of support.

The work will be done by two consultants employed for 40 days each, distributed between locales (home-based versus in-Samoa) and forms of support (balance between ‘remote’ and face-to-face support) in a manner to be agreed before implementation with the principal counterparts and the PTL and in the light of COVID-19-related circumstances.

Consultant selection will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Work experience: At least ten years of work experience that is clearly relevant – in terms of substantive technical content, scope, and level(s) – to the work outlined in these TOR.
  2. Developing country experience: Relevant comparative experience from work carried out in more than one country. Experience of small and small-island states, and of Samoa, will be viewed favourably.
  3. Qualifications: An advanced degree in business or economics or a first degree combined with senior management experience in a directly relevant field.
  4. Substantive knowledge: Strong and up-to-date knowledge and experience of policy and practice surrounding the analysis and development of sports management organisations, as demonstrated by the level and type of work done.
  5. Other skills and knowledge: The consultant should also possess:
  • Good knowledge and understanding of policy development, strategic management, and organisational structure and design;
  • Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the relevant literature and key development issues, such as capacity and institution building, institutionalisation and sustainability; and
  • Research skills, knowledge, and experience of both quantitative and qualitative methods.
    1. Analytical capability: The consultants should be capable of analysing complex problems, evaluating the quality of different types of data, and producing practical and workable solutions.
    2. Performance under pressure: A consistent record of producing outstanding performance under pressure and of working with senior government counterparts.
    3. Judgement and mediation: The ability to make independent judgments and to lead discussion, develop consensus on sometimes difficult and controversial issues, and to balance and mediate multiple stakeholder expectations and objectives.
    4. Knowledge and skill transfer: The ability to convey effectively knowledge and skills to others.
    5. Written and oral communication capabilities: It is essential that the consultants possess the ability to express complex ideas – both in writing and orally – clearly and in plain English to a variety of audiences, including government officials, community groups, entrepreneurs, donors, and other professionals. Short-listed candidates may be required to provide examples of their written work.
    6. Interpersonal and intercultural skills: Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills and the ability to manage questions of national and organizational culture skilfully and to build effective and harmonious working relations with clients and counterparts.
    7. Multiple reporting: The consultants should also be able to work effectively in a matrix management structure or one that has multiple lines of reporting.

 How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to submit their CV and a one-page covering note in an email with the subject “Sports and Sports Facilities (Consultant)” to Programme Manager, Unfortunately, due to high application volume, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Applications close 27 November 2020.

Due to the large volume of applications we receive only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

ASI is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to continually improve the diversity of our workforce through the attraction, retention and development of a diverse range of talented people. We want people to be comfortable bringing their whole self to work and recognise that inclusion brings further opportunities for innovation and creativity.