Position: Climate Change Resilience Adviser
Program: Strongim Bisnis
Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands, with provincial travel
Duration: 35 days across six months, allocated by mutual agreement.
Line manager and directly reports to: Program Director (DTL)/Environment Lead
Works with: Business Partnership Managers, Monitoring and Results Measurement Manager, and Communications and Engagement Director (DTL)


Solomon Islands Australia Partnership’s Strongim Bisnis is an economic development initiative to increase economic opportunities and the participation of people and businesses in Solomon Islands.

Recognising that Solomon Islands has a small consumer market and economy, dispersed population, and high cost of doing business, we identify and analyse specific sectors that have a high potential for growth and can consequently create new employment and income generation opportunities.

We facilitate strategic partners (including businesses, government, civil society, and associations) in those sectors to address the root constraints to growth and the inclusion of women, youth, and people living with disabilities, through innovative solutions.

Position summary and justification for the role

The Climate Change Resilience Adviser will develop a framework to operationalise environmentally aware and climate change resilient investments through the work that Strongim Bisnis does in its target sectors, including Cocoa, Coconut, Horticulture, Plantation Timber, Waste Management and Tourism. This framework will guide the program towards more environmentally friendly and climate change resilient investments, aligning with Strongim Bisnis’ commitment to meet the Australian International Development (2023) objectives.

Duties and responsibilities

Review existing literature, policies, and reports related to environmental and climate change issues in Solomon Islands and relevant Australian policies. (7 days)

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature, policies, and reports pertaining to environmental and climate change issues in Solomon Islands.
  • Analyse relevant Australian policies and initiatives related to environmental sustainability and climate resilience.
  • Review program level documents to form an understanding of Strongim Bisnis approach and processes.
  • Synthesise key findings in a report that identifies emerging trends, challenges, and best practices in environmental management and climate adaptation strategies aligned with Strongim Bisnis objectives.

Framework Development (10 days):

  • Develop a framework that outlines strategic approaches and practical actions to integrate environmental and climate change resiliency considerations into Strongim Bisnis investments (no longer than five pages)
  • Assess existing tools and processes utilised by Strongim Bisnis and adapt them to incorporate environmental sustainability principles effectively.
  • Provide clear guidelines and methodologies to identify, prioritise, and implement environmentally friendly and climate-resilient investment opportunities across program sectors.

Capacity Building and Operationalisation (13 days):

  • Facilitate capacity building sessions for the Environment Lead and the Strongim Bisnis implementation team.
  • Review the existing Strongim Bisnis portfolio of partnerships and intervention activities to identify opportunities to improve their environmental sustainability and climate resilience. Discussions will also be held with sector value chain team members on potential partnerships being planned that have activities that are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts.
  • Based on the portfolio review, present the developed framework, and provide hands-on training to the focal point and other technical implementation team members on its operationalisation. The training should be focused on the development process behind the identification of- and building of related business cases for commercially viable solutions that improve the environmental footprint of Strongim Bisnis’ partners, as well as their resiliency to future climate change impacts.
  • Collaborate with the Strongim Bisnis team to demonstrate with a minimum of one intervention in each program sector the usage of the framework to foster environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

Remote Support (5 days):

  • Provide ongoing remote support to the Environment Lead offering guidance to institutionalise climate-resilient investments within the program.
  • Monitor the implementation of recommendations and provide feedback to ensure alignment with the program’s environmental objectives and goals.

Required qualifications, experience, and attributes

  • A postgraduate degree in environmental science, climate change adaptation, sustainable development, or a related field.
  • 5-7 years of professional experience in environmental management, climate resilience, or sustainable development, with a focus on project design and implementation in developing countries will be preferred.
  • Proven expertise in conducting literature reviews, policy analysis, and framework development related to environmental sustainability and climate resilience relevant to private sector development or market systems development programs.
  • Strong facilitation and capacity-building skills, with experience in delivering training workshops and building the capacity of diverse stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated ability to translate complex technical concepts into practical, actionable strategies and recommendations.
  • Experience working in the Pacific region or similar island contexts, with an understanding of local environmental and socio-economic dynamics.
  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability, with the ability to work effectively in multicultural settings.
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines, and manage resources effectively.
  • Prior experience of working or living in Solomon Islands and a firm understanding of South Pacific culture and context and Australian Policies will be preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience integrating gender equality, youth empowerment, disability inclusion and safeguarding principles into private sector development and program development/ implementation will be preferred.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their resume and evidence of previous work of a similar nature, particularly in the context of operationalising climate change resilience frameworks in Private Sector Development or Market Systems Development programs. Applications must be submitted to  operations@strongimbisnis.com.sb no later than 5:00 p.m. (Solomon Islands time) on 7th of April 2024