The Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) is the apex body for all women entrepreneur associations in the country and is a focal point for interaction both among its members as well as with government agencies. FWEAN ultimately seeks to transform popular perceptions on women’s entrepreneurship to recognize diverse women’s roles as full and active participants in all aspects of economic growth and poverty alleviation. FWEAN has over 3,000 members across 61 of Nepal’s 77 districts and has ambitions to expand into all districts. Its members come from a broad range of sectors from agri-business to metalwork, textiles, design, tourism, and beyond. FWEAN supports its members through advocacy, networking, information dissemination, capacity building and promotion of women entrepreneurs throughout the country. 

One of the ways FWEAN provides value to its network is through support to set up and maintain e-shops through various e-commerce modalities including major e-commerce platforms and FWEAN’s own platform, WinBiz (“Women in Business”). 

The Nepali festivals of Dashain and Tihar hold great cultural significance and are celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm throughout Nepal. These festivals not only bring communities together but also serve as important periods for exchanging gifts among family, friends, and loved ones. This gift-giving tradition encompasses a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, traditional artifacts, and more. Women entrepreneurs, with their creative skills and entrepreneurial spirit, have the potential to capture this market by offering a diverse range of high-quality and culturally relevant products. As such, these festive seasons present a significant opportunity for women entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their goods, catering to the high demand for unique and meaningful gifts.  

This year’s festival period also presents an exciting opportunity to showcase FWEAN’s presence and support for women entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space. FWEAN will be announcing its strategic partnership with an e-commerce platform giant in Nepal as well as promoting it’s newly launched Business Development Centre – which offers affordable e-commerce and digital marketing trainings to members – and FWEAN’s own e-commerce platform, WinBiz. By leveraging the festivals’ inherent spirit of generosity and celebration, FWEAN can showcase the goods offered by its members, strengthen their brand presence, and tap into the festive consumer sentiment, thereby maximizing sales through multiple channels and fostering their organizational sustainability.  

Scope of Work 

The Branding & Digital Marketing Advisor will develop and implement a digital marketing strategy including brand development, content creation, and post scheduling on various social media platforms and websites. The service provider will develop a clear image for the WinBiz brand and publicize FWEAN’s activities related to WinBiz. 

1. Brand Building:

  • Conduct a rapid analysis of the association’s current brand identity, perception, and positioning. 
  • Develop a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with FWEAN’s vision, values, and target audience. 
  • Design a compelling brand identity, (excluding logo), tagline, and visual elements that resonate with the target demographic. 
  • Create brand guidelines to ensure consistent application across various marketing channels and materials. 

 2. Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Conduct rapid market research to identify key consumer insights, preferences, and behavior related to gift-giving during Dashain and Tihar and identify synergies and opportunities with FWEAN’s offering. 
  • Liaise with third party e-commerce platform marketing department, with which FWEAN is partnered, to represent FWEAN interests in development of marketing campaign(s) relevant to FWEAN for the festival period.  
  • Develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy that leverages various channels, such as social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn), search engine optimization (SEO), and influencer partnerships. 
  • Craft engaging and relevant content for different digital platforms – including partner e-commerce platform) to attract, inform, and motivate the target audience. 
  • Monitor and analyze campaign performance using relevant metrics and optimize strategies based on the findings. 

The service provider will ensure adherence to ASI operational policies, procedures, and standards of conduct while performing their duties and responsibilities. 


1. Brand Building 

  • A comprehensive brand strategy document, including rapid market analysis, target audience profiling, and competitive positioning. The brand strategy must focus on building the WinBiz brand as a marker of social sustainability, representing Nepali entrepreneurship and women’s economic inclusion. The strategy should take into account the different channels where WinBiz will be visible i.e. the WinBiz website as well as a third party e-commerce platform and FWEAN member businesses’ marketing materials.  
  • A visually appealing and consistent brand identity package for use by member businesses including logo (existing), tagline, short description of WinBiz mark, and guidance on using the WinBiz brand identity alongside member business branding and marketing collateral. 

2. Digital Marketing Campaign 

  • A detailed digital marketing strategy for the 2023 Dashain and Tihar festive period outlining key objectives, target audience segmentation, channel selection, and content plan. 
  • Engaging and creative content tailored for different digital platforms, including social media posts, email newsletters, and visual assets. 
  • Implementation of paid advertising campaigns with clear targeting parameters and measurable performance indicators (upon availability of the budget). 
  • Regular (bi-weekly via email) reports and analytics showcasing campaign performance, including key metrics and actionable insights for optimization. 

3. Final Report 

  • A brief (2 pages) final report detailing the assignment delivery, reporting on results against targets and analytics insights. 


Key Deliverables  Deadline 
1. Brand strategy  30 August 2023 
2. Digital marketing strategy   30 August 2023 
3. Bi-weekly reports  Every other Wednesday until end of the contract tenure 
4. Final report   15 November 2023  


The Branding & Digital Marketing Advisor is a short-term assignment for up to 40 days between 7th August and 30th November 2023. Efforts will be concentrated ahead of the Dashain and Tihar festivals, which occur in late October and mid-November, respectively, in 2023.   

Experience and Qualifications 

The Advisor should have: 

  • At least 4 years’ experience in undertaking marketing solutions. 
  • Excellent writing, editing and reviewing skills with fluency in English and Nepali including verbal communications  
  • Practical knowledge of managing social media platforms like Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc  
  • Proficiency in MS office package, Canva, Websites, LinkedIn with strong IT skills   
  • Basic technical skills in photography, videography, or other media skills  
  • Knowledge of Marketing   

Location of Work 

The assignment is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Branding & Digital Marketing Advisor will work primarily from FWEAN’s offices, with some meetings held at ASI or VRock offices as needed.  


The Branding and Digital Marketing Advisor will report to the project Team Leader and FWEAN BDC Manager.  

Please send your cover letter and a CV at copying