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Improving Community Cohesion and Stability in Syria

Working with communities and civil society to improve sub-national governance

The EU-funded Community Cohesion and Stability (CCS) project is a 21-month project which aims to lay the foundations for fair, inclusive, accountable and effective sub-national governance (SNG) in Syria. CCS supports communities to play an active role in their own governance, including in the management of local councils, stakeholders and resources, and increase the accessibility and standard of education, healthcare (including the Covid-19 response) and urban spaces.

The project works by not only supporting institutions and structures themselves, but by stimulating engagement between communities and all actors within the entire SNG system, including those internally displaced. By developing this system and empowering civil society, while working in line with frameworks of the Syrian state, CCS is simultaneously strengthening SNG in Syria and creating a vision of decentralisation to prepare for a political settlement.

The case studies below outline two examples where the groups supported by CCS have successfully led the response to the challenges facing their communities.


Ensuring Progress in Education through Community Action

The community initiatives instigated by CCS have demonstrated the power of local collaboration in the face of challenges posed by the conflict and COVID-19 pandemic. This case study describes how one community group defied the odds to ensure that local youth were able to progress through the Syrian education system.

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Community Groups Lead on COVID-19 Response to Ensure Safety of Local Residents

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new set of challenges to everyday life in the north-west of Syria. In this case study we look at how the groups supported by the CCS project have led the local response to the pandemic in order to improve community safety.

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